'Drunk' British passenger faces jail for Norway to Newcastle flight havoc


A British man could be facing jail after smoking and drinking from a bottle of vodka on a flight from Norway to Newcastle.

Michael Fellows, 43, from Lancashire, appeared at Newcastle Crown Court on 6 September, where he pleaded guilty to charges of being drunk on an aircraft and endangering an aircraft.

According to The Journal, Mr Fellow's barrister said he had just finished ten weeks of working in Norway, where he had not drunk much as prices were extremely high, at around £15 a pint.

So on his way home, he made up for it by taking a bottle of vodka on board.

However, the court heard, he behaved in a disorderly manner, ignored instructions from staff, and smoked on the plane.

Mr Fellows admitted endangering Eastern Airways flight 4802 that left from Stavanger on 14 March 2013,

According to Sky Tyne And Wear, Judge Jeremy Freedman, who adjourned the case for pre-sentence reports, told Mr Fellows: "You pleaded guilty to endangering the safety of an aircraft from Norway back to this country.

"I regard this as a serious offence and you could be facing custody."

15 flights from hell

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