Pictures: Jaguar attacks caiman


Pictures: Jaguar attacks caiman

These amazing wildlife photographs of a jaguar attacking a caiman at lightning speed were taken by photographer Justin Black, 39, while he was visiting Brazil.

Justin spotted the jaguar as he was travelling on a boat on the Cuiba River in the Pantanal Wetlands of western Brazil, where the animals are becoming tourist attractions.

The jaguar - whom biologists in the area have nicknamed "Mick Jaguar" - was hiding in undergrowth, stalking its prey when Justin spotted it.

He described how he watched it jumped into the water and swam up directly behind the caiman.

"The fact that he attacked from the water is astonishing. It was reminiscent of crocodiles attacking land animals in Africa.

"Once at the edge, he exploded from the water and onto the caiman's back, swinging the claws of his right paw into its side.

"He lifted the 150lb caiman from the ground and trotted towards the water like it was a doggie bone.

"When he reached the opposite beach he quickly disappeared into the grasses with his kill."

Scientists estimate there are between 4,000 and 7,000 jaguars in the Pantanal.

They have become specialist caiman killers and hunt during broad daylight, surprising cold-blooded reptiles while they bask in the sun.

They are also the largest and most powerful jaguars in South America.

See the full pictures below:

Jaguar attacks caiman

Jaguar attacks caiman

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