Testicle-biting fish caught in River Seine


Testicle-biting fish caught in River Seine

A fish known for biting men's testicles has been found in the River Seine in Paris.

The pacu fish, which is a relative of the piranha and mostly found in South America, was caught by a fisherman who called river police when he made the frightening discovery.

"He sent us an image of the picture through his smart phone and it turned out to be a Pacu," a police spokesman told the Daily Mail.

"It is a fish with a very dangerous bite!"

According to the Daily Telegraph, the photo of the pacu showed that it measured just over one foot.

It is not the only place in Europe a pacu fish has been discovered. Last month, men in Sweden were warned by experts to keep their swimming shorts on in the Øresund channel between Denmark and Sweden after a "ball cutter" pacu fish was discovered by a fisherman.

Scandinavian Men Warned of Testicle-Biting Fish

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