Couple having sex in cab in broad daylight cause traffic chaos


Couple having sex in cab in broad daylight cause huge traffic jam

An amorous couple almost brought traffic to a standstill in eastern China when incredulous motorists saw them making love in the back of a moving taxi.

The naughty pair were snapped at the height of passion on a Shanghai highway by an astonished driver.

As the women straddled her partner, the man could be seen throwing back his head in apparent ecstasy.

And in the front of the cab, the stoney-faced cabbie kept his eyes firmly on the road ahead.

"I was in the lane next to them and I could see them kissing and pawing each other to start with," one motorist told CEN.

"They soon got carried away and started having sex right there in the taxi so I decided to film it.

"I saw at least 10 near misses as drivers swerved to get a better look or took their eyes off the road," he added.

Local police later criticised their behaviour.

"It was clearly very dangerous. Their driver should have stopped and told them to get out. They weren't even wearing seat belts," said a police spokesman.

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