Keeper who punched seal at Bristol Zoo returns to work


Keeper who punched seal at Bristol Zoo returns to work

A zookeeper who allegedly punched a seal has returned to his job at Bristol Zoo.

The animal keeper was suspended when the claim came to light earlier in August, the Bristol Post reports.

The senior zookeeper punched the South America fur seal as handlers were weighing it.

A Bristol Zoo spokesman told the BBC: "An allegation of this nature is always taken extremely seriously by Bristol Zoo," the statement continued.

"Contrary to reports, no fur seal has been harmed and seal welfare has not been compromised".

Speaking to the Bristol Post, the spokesperson added: "Therefore, there is no reason to continue the suspension and the staff member has now returned to work."

Earlier in August, a source told The Sun: "The keepers were weighing the sea lions. The senior keeper had taken one off the scales and put the next sea lion on - but the junior keeper forgot to recalibrate the scales.

"As he went to take it off the sea lion then put its flipper on the scales and it is alleged the senior keeper hit it."

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