Video: Would you try world's tallest drop ride at 415ft?


The world's largest theme park is set to create the world record for tallest drop ride with the addition of the 415ft Zumanjaro: Drop of Doom in 2014.

Six Flags Great Adventure and Safari in the US says Zumanjaro will hoist riders 415 feet - 41 storeys - into the sky and rocket them back to Earth at 90 miles per hour.

It will be connected to the Kingda Ka roller coaster - the 456ft monster that ranks as the world's tallest coaster and fastest in North America. And the Kingda Ka trains launch right towards Zumanjaro riders at speeds of up to 128 miles per hour at the same time.

Three soaring Zumanjaro towers will be built on the face of the Kingda Ka coaster. Each drop tower will feature a gondola with eight riders.

The gondolas will rise to the top of the tower in approximately 30 seconds. Riders will pause for a few heart-stopping moments, 41 storeys in the air - higher than Big Ben and twice as high as the Statue of Liberty - allowing them to catch a glimpse of the skyscrapers in Philadelphia 52 miles to the south before gravity plunges them back to ground level in less than 10 seconds.

Park historian and author Harry Applegate told Aol Travel: "You could stack the tallest major attractions from Great Adventure's opening season on top of one another, including the Big Wheel, Log Flume, Runaway Train and Skyride, and you would still be more than 50 feet shy of Zumanjaro."

Would YOU be brave enough to try it?

World's scariest theme park rides

World's scariest theme park rides

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