Video: Angry elephant charges safari guide's van in South Africa


A safari guide has captured the terrifying moment an angry elephant charged into the side of his van in the Kruger National Park, South Africa.

Professional safari guide Johann Lombard was shocked as he had shown people around the park for 23 years without incident.

At the beginning of the video, he can be heard shouting: "No, no, no. Come on, move! Easy, easy," as the elephant approaches.

But his efforts to scare her away are unsuccessful and she smashes into the van at high speed.

Afterwards, Johann can be heard saying: "Seems like she wants to come again, hey?"

But, the elephant did not charge again, and nobody was hurt in the incident.

Just last month, a five-tonne elephant smashed into a car full of tourists on safari in the Kruger National Park.

The male managed to gore through the side window, sparking panic and shouts of "Go, go, go", among the German passengers. Nobody was seriously injured.

And, in November 2012, a British couple on safari in the Kruger National Park were left traumatised after an elephant charged their car and flipped it over.

Despite these incidents, Johann says it is unusual for an elephant to charge a vehicle in this way.

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