United Airlines flight makes emergency landing after engine failure


United Airlines flight makes emergency landing after engine failure

A United Airlines plane flying from Seattle to Houston was forced to make an emergency landing in Idaho - after one of its engines shut down.

The plane landed safely at the Pocatello Regional Airport just after 2.50am on Tuesday, according to the Seattle Times.

The plane was carrying 116 passengers at the time, who were all forced to wait in the terminal for a replacement aircraft to arrive.

According to ABC News, United Airlines spokeswoman Jennifer Dohm sent an email to The Associated Press saying the plane was diverted to Pocatello due to "an issue with an engine".

She added that maintenance crew were reviewing the plane.

The news comes after a series of issues for the airline over the course of the summer.

In June, passengers on a flight from London to San Francisco complained after they had to use cocktail napkins when the toilet roll ran out mid-flight.

Just three days before that, a man had to be restrained after claiming to have poisoned everyone on board mid-flight.

And at the beginning of June, it emerged that a teenage girl is suing United Airlines as she claims flight attendants did nothing to stop a fellow passenger from "masturbating and exposing his penis" on a plane.

The Huffington Post reports that Monica Amestoy, 18, said she flew from New York to Los Angeles in October 2012 and noticed a man sitting across the aisle from her performing the lewd act.

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