Would YOU dare? Tourists in cages drive into lion enclosure for feeding time


A wildlife park in New Zealand has come up with the paw-fect way to scare yourself silly, by offering tourists the chance to get in a mobile cage and drive into the lion enclosure - at feeding time.

In what must be the land equivalent of shark diving, tourists at the Orana Wildlife Park in NZ can jump in the mesh enclosure with the keepers, and watch while they feed the lions.

According to the Daily Record, the experience - called The Lion Encounter - will cost you £15 for the pleasure.

Park spokesman, Nathan Hawke, told the Daily Mail: "While people can see lions in numerous places, we think we can get you as close as you would safely want to get to view these magnificent animals.

"We've had visitors who have come to Christchurch just to take part in this encounter.

"It is an interesting way to display lions and also enables us to discuss ways in which visitors can help the King of the Beasts."


On its website, Orana Park writes: "Attention thrill seekers! Orana's unique Lion Encounter takes visitors through the African Lion Habitat on board a specially modified vehicle for extremely close views of the "King of Beasts" feeding.

"Our cats often climb onto the roof of the vehicle so you can literally get eye-to-eye with these magnificent animals."

That's the bit we'd be worried about. And whether the car might break down...

Would you be brave enough to give the Lion Encounter a go? Leave your comments below.

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