Take three: Things you never knew you could do in the UK

Take three: Things you never knew you could do in the UK

Thought cream teas, surfing and hiking were about as exciting as holiday activities in Britain could get? Think again. Look at our Weird and wonderful pick of things you never thought you could do in the UK, from camel racing to deep sea exploration and panning for gold.

Camel Racing and Polo

Take three: Things you never knew you could do in the UK

You don't need to be Lawrence of Arabia, or even travel outside the UK to witness one of the Middle East's most popular sports. At Joseph's Amazing Camels, these speedy beasts are available for race days, polo competitions, trekking and traditional camel rides.

All you need for a race is a fenced off track and a PA system, the jockeys and camels will do the rest, decked out in full Arabian Nights style, naturally. Joseph's Amazing Camels are also Europe's sole purveyor of camel polo games, the sport of kings that you're more likely to see in Mongolia, Rajasthan or Dubai.

If you want to give camel riding a go yourself then Joseph's offers trekking days in the Warwickshire countryside with refreshments. All prices, hire and booking on application at jacamels.co.uk.

Pan for gold

Take three: Things you never knew you could do in the UK

Forget the Californian gold rush, if you fancy unearthing your own stash of precious metal then Scotland is the place to do it. A rich vein of gold can still be found in the Lowther Hills around Wanlockhead in the sands and gravels of the burns, which act as a natural means of concentrating the gold.

Become a gold prospector for the day at the Museum of Lead Mining in Wanlockhead village, Lanarkshire. You can take part in a five-hour beginners class or get stuck in with a two-day course in gold panning, which offers participants a certificate of competence, a gold pan and a sample of natural gold to take away - just in case you don't manage to strike it rich.

The five-hour class is priced at £70 and the two-day at £275. Book now for the September course dates.

Go wreck diving

Take three: Things you never knew you could do in the UK

More ships have sunk around the British coast than anywhere else in the world and the waters around the UK are teeming with sunken merchant ships, subs and vessels and the poor visibility of our sea gives diving these monstrous wrecks a ghostly quality that you simply couldn't get in the crystalline oceans of the Caribbean.

Wreck diving should only be undertaken by qualified, experienced divers but there are dive sites and companies all over the British Isles. Try Cornwalldivers.co.uk for short or long dives around the Cornish coast taking in multiple wrecks, reefs and abundant marine wildlife, price on application.

Or take the plunge with the West Wales Dive Company and explore the wrecks along the Pembrokeshire coastline, including the famous 'Lucy' wreck. Prices for a half day private charter for up to 10 divers starts from £360 per day.

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