Are these the world's worst tourists?

The way these tourists behave is simply shocking

It's not too difficult to be a tourist. Once you've picked your holiday destination, you just have to stick to the rules, be nice to the locals and make sure you don't do any damage, right? Well for these holidaymakers it clearly wasn't so easy. From dolphin baiting to killing endangered species and defecating on airport floors (yes, really), some tourists behave so badly that we're still in shock at some of these stories.

Take the bloke who broke a finger off of a 600-year-old of the Virgin Mary in Italy, for example. Or the 15-year-old boy who etched his name onto an ancient Egyptian temple. Then there's the woman who was pictured riding a protected manatee in Florida (she claimed she had no idea she was doing anything wrong).

We've rounded up the world's worst tourists - prepare to be shocked by these badly-behaved holidaymakers. If you've heard of worse, then tell us below and we'll include it.


The world's worst tourists

The world's worst tourists

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