Bikini-clad woman swims with deadly sharks to prove they're not maneaters


You'd have to lock us up in a protective cage to get us swimming with sharks, but 'shark warrior' Lesley Rochat has no fear of getting up close and personal with the ocean's deadliest predators - and even does it in her bikini.

South African Rochat was filmed swimming with tiger sharks, one of the deadliest species in the world.

The shark campaigner free dived with the animals to show people that they're not as dangerous as they appear.

"It's important for me to walk my talk and show people that sharks are not monster man-eaters with insatiable appetites for humans, but rather beautiful animals we ought to respect and protect," she told the Daily Mirror.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, Rochat said she wants fewer shark nets in the sea to protect swimmers because they are unnecessary and kill sharks that get caught in them.

The nets are also known to kill large numbers of turtles, rays and dolphins.

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