Tourist killed by saltwater crocodile in Australia


Tourist killed by saltwater crocodile in Australia

A 24-year-old tourist is thought to have been killed by a crocodile while swimming in a river near Darwin, northern Australia.

The man went swimming while with a group of friends celebrating a birthday at Mary River, an Outback tourist destination 70 miles south east of Darwin

Senior Sergeant Geoff Bahnert said onlookers watched in horror as the man was last seen in the jaws of a crocodile. He told the BBC: "Several of the group in the party witnessed the male being taken in the jaws of the croc for a period of time, and then he was out of sight."

One friend reported the incident to staff where they were staying at the Mary River Wilderness Retreat and Caravan Park.

Erin Baynard, who works at the park, told the Daily Mail: "The friend came back in deep shock and it was obvious just by looking at him that something bad had happened.

"He was saying over and over that a crocodile had taken his friend."

She said they had ignored warnings the river was dangerous, telling the Daily Telegraph: "We say to everybody it's full of crocs. It's one of the most populated rivers in the Territory. Every couple of kilometres, there is a large croc."

Officers from the Water Police Section and Territory Response Group are searching for the man and the crocodile.

World's deadliest animals

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