Video: Biker crashes into BEAR on highway in Canada


The moment a biker crashed into a bear at high speed on a highway in Fraser Valley, Canada, was caught on his helmet cam.

According to the Daily Mail, the bear had run across the road after being scared away from a railway line by a passing train.

There were no other vehicles on the road, but the timing was such that the pair collided.

The rider somersaults off his bike and suffered serious, but non life-threatening, injuries, reports the Daily Telegraph.

The bear walked away unharmed.

According to, a statement from Corporal Robert McDonald of E Division Traffic Services said police observed the motorbike going from 0km/h to to 140km/h in under 20 seconds.

It read: "The driver made every effort possible to avoid the collision but to no avail [but] the speed was too great and distance too short to avoid the crash.

"We've spoken in the past about motorcycle stunts and how dangerous they are; we always say you never know what could happen at high speeds. This is a perfect example. The video clearly shows nobody else on the road, and a nice clear dry day. Who would expect a bear to run across the road?"

He added: "We hope this short video will help people realize the importance of slowing down, and concentrating on the complicated task of driving a motor vehicle."

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