Raging Bull: Animal charges cars on busy Spanish motorway


A bull has been caught on camera causing havoc on a motorway in Spain after escaping from its truck.

The bull was on its way to take part in celebrations for the feast of San Roque in Iriépal, Guadalajara, when it escaped, according to the Daily Mail.

It bolted down the motorway, and terrified passengers climbed out of their vehicles and onto the roof as the angry - or just scared - animal charged at cars.

Drivers reportedly tried to round up the bull, but it carried on running.

Meanwhile, a British tourist needed surgery and 150 stitches after he was gored by a bull at the Bous al Career festival near Benidorm.

According to the Daily Telegraph, Peter Mayne, from Herne Bay, Kent, is still stuck in hospital two weeks after the attack as his leg and body injuries are too serious to fly home yet.

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