British seaside resort calls for 'gull cull' after aggressive behaviour


British seaside resort calls for 'gull cull' after aggressive behaviourRex

Seagulls displaying aggressive behaviour at one of the nation's most popular beach resorts, Tenby, in Wales, have prompted calls for a 'gull cull' amid fears for public safety.

Seagull attacks have been particularly rife this summer because of a late breeding season and the unusually hot weather.

The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) has been inundated with the highest number of calls from the public about gulls for eight years, and 2013's figures are double those for last year.

According to Wales Online, councillors in Tenby say herring gulls in the town are attacking builders on rooftops and families on beaches.

The town's Mayor, Sue Lane, says it is a health issue that is "getting out of control", and has approached the local authorities for help.

And Mario Fecci, of Fecci's Ice Cream Parlour, said the gulls were a "nuisance".

He told Wales Online and Cardiff Local Guide: "It's not just a problem for holidaymakers. Living in the town ourselves, we are quite often woken up around 4am with very loud squawking.

"They have become quite aggressive. You see them walking up to people on the parade and not thinking anything of snatching chips out of their hands."

And it's not just in Tenby - the gulls are causing problems across a number of coastal towns in Wales.

The RSPB's Graham Madge said they were "opportunists" who seize ice creams or fish and chips out of people's hands anywhere from places like Barry Island, to cities like Cardiff.

A spokesman for Pembrokeshire Council told the Cardiff Local Guide that it was too late in the year for a "gull cull". He said: "Any such action would need to commence in January or February.We have also pointed out that any such control work is expensive and no appropriate budget currently exists within the County Council."

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