300 people join naked run for tigers at London Zoo


They say that Brits are animal-lovers, and if you needed further proof, 300 people streaking for tigers at ZSL London Zoo will probably do it.

The brave runners donned their birthday suits - and tiger paint - at ZSL London Zoo's first-ever Streak for Tigers - and raised more than £60k for the critically endangered animals.

ZSL London Zoo

Streakers ran "wild and free" for 300m around the centre of the zoo, but don't worry, it was after-hours so day visitors didn't get an unexpected eyeful.

With only 300 Sumatran tigers left in the wild, the streak helped the Zoological Society of London (ZSL) to raise vital funds for its field conservation projects in Indonesia.

ZSL London Zoo

James Wren, ZSL's Development Director told Aol Travel: "Everyone got so excited about the event, they really got behind it. There was an amazing buzz in the crowd, both from the spectators and the participants who were running around naked.

"The feedback has been overwhelming, from those involved in naturism to those who are just passionate about tigers. They were apprehensive and nervous, but when they were doing it, they just enjoyed it so much, they were delighted."

Sometimes you've just got to do the bare necessities.

Holidays for naturists and nudists

Holidays for naturists and nudists

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