Man blames 'peppermint oil irritation' for exposing his penis on plane


Man blames 'peppermint oil irritation' for exposing his penis on plane

A passenger who allegedly exposed his penis on a plane has said he was merely trying to soothe an irritation from peppermint oil that he'd accidentally rubbed on there.

Stuart Ronald Clarke, 48, was on a Delta Airlines plane from Minneapolis to Salt Lake City late last year when a female passenger told a member of the crew that he exposed his penis during the flight.

The crew member reported the incident to the Salt Lake City Airport Police. A search for Clarke was unsuccessful as he had left the airport without waiting to pick up his checked luggage, reports the Daily Mail.

Police seized his luggage and tracked him down two days later. Clarke - who initially flew from Amsterdam to Minneapolis and then on to Salt Lake City - told airport investigator Allen Christensen, a member of the FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force, that he had a headache before stepping on the plane in Amsterdam. He rubbed some oil on his head in an attempt to relieve the pain.

But, reports The Smoking Gun, after applying the peppermint oil, Clarke claimed that he "went to the toilet", where, he said, "I obviously touched my privates", adding that he must have transferred peppermint oil to his penis as he "felt burning afterwards".

According to the NY Post, during the Delta flight, he attempted "scratching and adjusting" the area to fix the problem, but when that failed, he "removed his penis from inside of his pants", he told Christensen.

A search of his bag found two bottles of Olbas Oil, which could be what he was referring to. But, according to The Smoking Gun, a search warrant signed by a federal judge in Utah on 14 August 2013, authorised federal agents to take possession of the oil, indicating they may not feel it was a plausible explanation for "exposing himself".

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