Woman drives 200 miles across New Zealand while asleep


Woman drives 200 miles across New Zealand while asleep

A woman managed to drive 200 miles across New Zealand while she was asleep.

The unnamed woman was apparently 'sleep driving' after taking sleeping pills. A friend called the police after realising what she had done.

She managed to drive during the night from Hamilton to Auckland before continuing on the east coast to Tauranga, where she was finally found at 4.55am slumped over the steering wheel in the driveway of her former home.

According to the Daily Mail, she had driven for five hours over a distance of 186 miles.

Senior sergeant Dave Litton of Hamilton Police said she had sent texts to friends during the drive, which had sparked their suspicions.

The BBC reports that patrol cars were ordered to keep a watch for her silver hatchback and eventually tracked her via her mobile phone.

According to The Sun, Sgt Litton said: "When woken she had absolutely no recollection of the events overnight.

"We have sought an urgent order forbidding her to drive and to seek medical advice on her suitability to remain holding her drivers licence."

Police said the woman had done the very same thing just 10 months ago.

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