Tourist throws pizza at partner after 'disappointing holiday' in Scotland


Tourist throws pizza at partner after 'disappointing holiday' in Scotland

A German holidaymaker threw a pizza and a pot of noodles at his partner during a "disappointing" trip to Scotland.

According to STV News, banker Wolfgang Gruelich, 57, was jailed for a night after injuring his partner when the country didn't live up to his expectations.

He tossed the pizza and hurled a pan and its contents at Irmgard Wiesenberger before hitting her on the leg with the pan at the holiday cottage where they were staying in Perthshire.

MSN Now reports that he snapped after the six-hour drive through the Scottish countryside. He was arrested and fined.

Gruelich agreed to make his own way back to Germany while his partner and her two children returned by car.

Solicitor Graham Harding, defending, said: "They have been in a relationship since 2003 and were on holiday here. He had driven the parties' van for about six hours that day.

"He was tired and had taken some alcohol and a row had broken out with regards to food. It had been thrown - not at her - but unfortunately the pan and contents managed to hit her."

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