Plane makes emergency landing in Dublin after 'smoke in cockpit'


Heathrow to US plane makes emergency landing in Dublin after 'smoke in cockpit'

An international flight from London Heathrow to Washington made an emergency landing at Dublin Airport after the smell of smoke was reported in the cockpit.

There were more than 150 passengers and crew on board the United Airlines Flight UA131 to Washington Dulles Airport when it landed safely in Dublin, reports the BBC.

Four engines from the Dublin fire brigade were sent to the scene.

One onlooker told the Mirror: "It looked like there was a potential major emergency, smoke was clearly seen coming out of the cockpit."

Frustrated passengers took to Twitter, with one, @hollagrace, writing: "So an hour into our flight we have had to make an emergency stop in Dublin because there is something wrong with our plane, promising start."

She later added: "Having to stay in Dublin tonight ffs", before writing: "Off to the airport to try and get to America take 2."

The Dublin Airport Authority said nobody was injured in the landing, which occurred at 2.29pm.

A spokeswoman told the "The plane landed safely and the situation is being looked at."

Back in February, a United Airlines flight from London to Los Angeles made an emergency landing in Shannon, Ireland, after the pilots reported smoke in the cockpit.

Shannon Airport said that all 182 passengers and 10 crew members were unhurt after the landing.

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