Bride on hen do discovers foul smell is dead body in hotel room


Hen do discovers 'disgusting stench' is dead body in room next door

One bride's hen do turned into the weekend "from hell" when the discovered the "foul stench" they had noticed at their guest house was actually coming from a dead body in the room next door.

The girls were staying at the Benson's Guest House in Southend-on-Sea, Essex, on Saturday when the grim discovery was made.

One of the girls, Chelsea Montgomery, 26, told The Sun that the bride-to-be was sick because of the stench, saying: "It was the hen do from hell. The stench was disgusting.

"There were flies buzzing around. Everyone was complaining.

"The bride threw up all night because of the smell. We spent the weekend spraying deodorant everywhere."

The girls complained about the odour to staff on Friday, who reportedly could not check in the room because it was let to a permanent tenant.

A cleaner made the discovery on Saturday morning. Chelsea added: "We were told the man lived there for three years and had been dead for a while."

A spokesman for Essex Police told the Daily Mail: "Police were contacted just after 10.30am on Saturday with reports of the sudden death of a man at a property in Hartington Road in Southend.

"Officers attended and found the body of a man believed to be in his 40s. The death is not being treated as suspicious and a file is being prepared for the coroner."

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