Man almost castrated by boat hook in Hampshire


A dad has told how he nearly castrated himself on a hook when he jumped off his boat into the sea during a day trip in Hampshire.

Roofer Paul Lovett, 48, from Wolvey, Leicestershire, got his testicles caught on a hook of his 32ft-long motor boat, called Tanzanite, leaving them dangling by a thread - five inches down his leg.

He was enjoying a day out on his boat off Calshot, near Southampton, in Hampshire, when he decided to go for a swim, and slipped down off the boat into the sea.

But as he did so, he got his testicle caught on the steel bracket used to carry the jet ski, almost castrating himself and facing the threat of bleeding to death, reports the Daily Mail.

Mr Lovett was enjoying a day out with his son Alex, 20, and his wife, Lorna, 49, when the accident happened.

He told This is Leicestershire: "I slid off the back of the boat into the sea and realised I had got my wetsuit caught on one of the steel hooks.

"I looked up and saw that I was hanging from the hook by what was left of my testicles for five or six seconds.

"When I fell into the sea I felt between my legs and realised there was nothing there. My testicles were about five inches down my thigh.

"I had to scoop them up in one hand and drag myself back onto the boat."

Lorna used the boat radio to raise the alarm, and the Solent coastguard helicopter was scrambled. Mr Lovett was winched onto the helicopter and taken to Southampton General Hospital.

Two specialist plastic surgeons were called back from leave to perform a crucial three-hour repair operation.

Mr Lovett left hospital with 32 stitches along a six-inch scar the next day.

Now back at work and slowly recovering from his ordeal, he wants to raise £10,000 pounds for the Hamble Lifeboat crew that helped save his life.

And, thankfully, everything's all right downstairs. He said: "I didn't plan to have any more children so that's just as well. Everything is in working order as I have tested it out in the bedroom."


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