Sacked Air New Zealand flight attendant forced to show Facebook pages


Sacked Air New Zealand flight attendant forced to show Facebook pages

A flight attendant who was sacked by Air New Zealand has been forced to show her Facebook pages and account details - to prove she did not misuse her sick days.

Gina Kensington was dismissed after she took two days' sick leave to care for her sister back in March.

Air New Zealand suspected that she had not used her sick days entirely for what she had claimed them for.

Ms Kensington took her case to the Employment Relations Authority (ERA), where Air New Zealand requested permission to see her Facebook pages and bank account details for the two days concerned, reports the Courier Mail.

She argued that she should not have to hand over private details as Air New Zealand did not have them when she was sacked.

But the ERA agreed to the request, suggesting there could be something relevant in the findings.

According to the Independent, both parties are still awaiting a ruling on the matter.

Back in March, a Welsh holidaymaker who hit the headlines in January when he grappled a two-metre shark swimming towards children on an Australian beach was sacked over his actions - because he was on sick leave at the time.

Paul Marshallsea, from Merthyr Ryfdil, was hailed a hero in the newspapers after he pulled a shark by its tail away from busy shallow waters in Queensland.

But Paul and his wife Wendy, who were on leave over work-related stress, were sacked from the charity they helped to create after other trustees saw the TV footage of the shark encounter.

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