Video: Man kisses 'harmless' shark, gets lips bitten


A diving guide, who has interacted with "harmless" nurse sharks in Florida for years, was bitten when he tried to kiss a shark.

The shark bite was captured on camera and aired on the Discovery Channel as part of this year's Shark Week.

The video shows Marcel making the mistake of flipping the nurse shark upside down before kissing it.

This was a move he has not done before and as the shark's eyes are on top of its head, it did not see him and assumed he was being fed fish.

But the shark lost interest and swam away when it realised it had bitten human flesh.

Marcel told the Discovery Channel: "He spit me out. I guess he said I didn't taste good."

He required 285 stitches and compared the bite to a firecracker going off in his mouth.

"You can not be a wild animal handler without having the expectation that you will be bitten," Marcel said. "It's a part of the job."

Shocking Shark Week Footage Of Man Kissing Shark

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