Eiffel Tower evacuated after bomb alert


Eiffel Tower evacuated after bomb alert

The Eiffel Tower had to be completely evacuated on Friday afternoon following a bomb alert.

According to Reuters, France's most famous tourist attraction was evacuated around 2pm after a tip-off.

The Huffington Post reports that a police official confirmed the evacuation to Reuters.

According to Sky News, the alert was triggered by an anonymous call indicating the presence of a suspicious package.

A security perimeter was established around the monument, but the alert was later found to be a hoax. The tower opened to tourists again at 4.30pm.

The iconic building receives seven million visitors every year, and can reach up to 30,000 visitors a day in high season.

It is not the first time the building has been evacuated due to a terror alert. Back on 30 March, almost 1,500 tourists and employees were evacuated after an anonymous tip threatening to cause an explosion at the landmark.

However, the blast did not occur, and just hours later tourists had flocked back to the monument.

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