Holiday flight hell as 30 yobs terrorise Ryanair plane to Ibiza


Holiday flight hell as 30 yobs terrorise Ryanair plane to Ibiza

Holidaymakers were forced to endure a flight from hell when a group of 30 yobs ran riot on a Ryanair plane from Prestwick to Ibiza.

The men reportedly swore, threatened and even sexually harassed crew in front of families with young children.

The BBCreports thatduring flight FF694 on Saturday.

They had started causing problems before the flight took off, and police even went on board at Prestwick to warn them about their behaviour.

But as the flight got airborne, the drunken rampage escalated, with people shouting and jumping on seats. Passengers were even forced to use the front toilets as the group took over the back of the plane and made it a no-go area.

Fellow passenger Fiona Black, 58, from Ayr, said the flight was the worst she had ever been on. She told the Daily Record: "It was awful. There was one guy in particular who was singling out the stewardesses.

"He was walking behind her when she was doing the drinks trolley and was pretending to have sex with her."

Fiona added that one male flight attendant tried to defend a co-worker and "it seemed like he was going to be punched".

Spanish police boarded the flight when it landed in Ibiza, and it is believed five men were removed.

Ryanair's head of communications Robin Kiely told Aol Travel: "Ryanair crew operating flight FR694 requested police assistance on arrival at Ibiza airport after a group of passengers became disruptive in-flight.

"Police removed and detained a number of individuals from the aircraft before other passengers disembarked.

"Ryanair sincerely apologises to other passengers for any inconvenience caused but the safety of our passengers, crew and aircraft is our number one priority. This is now a matter for the police."

It certainly isn't the first instance of Brits behaving badly on planes. In January, a British Airways plane had to make an emergency landing in France after two drunk women ran riot during the flight.

The women, aged 50 and 43, racked up a list of anti-social behaviour that infuriated cabin crew, including: swearing in front of children; refusing to return to their seats; attempting to storm the cockpit; locking themselves in the loos for a smoke; and, according to one passenger, even threatening to kill the family of a BA air hostess.

And, back in September 2012, a female British passenger's drunken behaviour caused a scene on a Dubai to Heathrow flight.

A court in Uxbridge heard how Bela Chopra, 39, drank gin from a bottle, swore at cabin crew, tried to take food from other passenger's plates, and ranted loudly on the Emirates flight.

Mid-air meltdowns

Mid-air meltdowns

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