Marco Pierre White in Suffolk hotel pink paint row


Marco Pierre White has been forced to repaint his hotel in Suffolk - after using the wrong shade of pink.

The notoriously temperamental chef received a host of complaints from disgruntled locals about the colour of the Angel Hotel in Lavenham.

The colour he chose has been dubbed "ghastly", "twee", "inappropriate" and "ridiculous", and accused of not being the traditional Suffolk Pink used on other properties in the area.

The Angel before the pink paint job: Anglia Press Agency

One resident told the Daily Mail: "It looks as if someone has got their history badly wrong - Suffolk pink is a traditional colour here and has been for centuries. But it is not that chocolate-box pink that people think it is.

"Real Suffolk Pink dates back to the 14th century or earlier. Then paints were coloured using whatever was to hand, and ox-blood was used to produce the colour properly recognised as Suffolk Pink.

"'There is a rich pageant of old colours in this village - from red to yellow and rust to mustard - and frankly the Angel looked ridiculous pink."

Manager Rob Jackson said that Marco himself chose the colour, but has agreed to change it to a darker pink recommended by English Heritage.

On the Discover Lavenham website, the Angel Hotel is described as an "award winning country inn and restaurant hotel with en-suite bedrooms, food and atmosphere".

The hotel gets three and a half stars out of five on Tripadvisor, with comments ranging from "super quality, top class friendly service", to "underwhelmed by the experience".

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