Passenger attempts to smuggle the turtle in KFC burger at airport

Weird things people have tried to sneak on to a plane

Turtle Burger Smuggler: Chinese Man Fails To Sneak Pet Onto Plane

Airport security has seen it all, from animals down trousers and drugs mules to illegal food matter stuffed into suitcase lining, but staff at an airport in China must have been shocked to discover one man attempting to sneak through his pet turtle - disguised as a KFC burger.

He discarded the meat filling, popped the turtle between the bun and re-wrapped it before making his way through security.

Staff began to get suspicious when the X-ray scanner picked up on protrusions coming from the burger that looked remarkably like turtle limbs.

When questioned, the passenger said: "There's no turtle in there, just a hamburger... There's nothing special to see inside."

The passenger eventually gave in - and had his pet turtle confiscated before he continued with his travels.

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Weird stuff seized by customs

Weird stuff seized by customs