Genesis star Peter Gabriel 'wrote farewell note' during scary flight


Genesis star Peter Gabriel 'wrote farewell note' during scary flight

Peter Gabriel has spoken of a terrifying flight experience in which he even wrote a "goodbye" note to his family.

According to the Express, the former Genesis star spoke about the scary flight in a recent magazine interview.

Speaking to Mojo magazine, he said: "Pan Am (defunct airline Pan American World Airways) had started doing mileage programmes. I got up to 100,000 miles from touring, so I booked a free flight from LA to Rio.

"After we took off, the plane developed a fault - something with the landing gear - and the pilot told us we had to fly over the Pacific and dump some fuel.

"That's when everyone became very scared, writing farewell letters. I even scribbled some notes... The pilot got us down, thank God."

Contact Music reports that he added: "I got on another plane the next day. But I've been in about four situations like that, and I did go through periods of being scared of flying."

Peter's not the only star who's suffered with a fear of flying. After being caught in an thunderstorm on a flight from Toronto to New York, Jennifer Aniston once admitted: "What scares me is taking off, because I don't understand how the plane gets up there. I've heard all about the aerodynamics, the speed, the engine... I'm still nervous."

Colin Farrell, Megan Fox and Whoopi Goldberg have also admitted to a fear of flying.

According to, Whoopi said: "I panic, shake, break out in a sweat, cry and moan."

And Colin said: "I hate it, man. It just seems highly unnatural to me. I've had a few messy affairs on planes. I've been lucky they haven't leaked a few (stories) of when I went bonkers. They nearly had the handcuffs out at one stage on British Airways."

Mid-air meltdowns

Mid-air meltdowns

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