Paralysed passenger sues after Delta 'forces him to crawl out of plane'


Paralysed passenger sues after Delta 'forces him to crawl out of plane'

A man who cannot walk has sued Delta Airlines after he claims crew told him the the only way to get off the plane was to crawl down the aisle - on two flights.

D Baraka Kanaan, from Hawaii, who suffers from partial paralysis of his legs stemming from a car accident, filed the suit on 23 July in Honolulu, seeking compensatory and punitive damages.

On 26 July 2012, Kanaan was scheduled to take a series of flights from Maui to Nantucket, Massachusetts.

According to the Houston Chronicle, the suit states that he called Delta in advance to say he would need a lift to get on the plane and an aisle chair to get to his seat.

But when he arrived in Nantucket, he was told the airline did not have an aisle chair or a lift to get him off the plane.

He claims he then had to crawl out of the plane and across the tarmac in his "best suit" in front of other passengers, without assistance from the crew.

Kanaan called the airline to complain and ensure he had the equipment for his return flight, reports the Daily Mail.

But the complaint states that he was forced to go through the same humiliation on the return flight to Hawaii.

Delta has yet to file a response to the claims,

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