Navy rescues pigeon lost at sea


Navy rescues pigeon lost at sea

A pigeon has been rescued by the Royal Navy in the Atlantic Ocean after it got lost during a cross-Channel race.

The racing pigeon, named Paul by HMS Somerset crew, will be returned to its owner after it was found 300 miles out in the Atlantic.

Leading Seaman William Hughes, who checked the bird, discovered it was actually a female.

Paul's ID ring helped track down her owner in Teesside.

The Navy said Paul was fed breakfast cereal and stayed in a makeshift coop.

According to the BBC, owner Gil Hartshorn, 75, said she was released in France.

Mr Hartshorn told Sky News: "I would like to say thank you to the crew of HMS Somerset for looking after my distressed pigeon, particularly the captain who agreed to have a lost soul on board until the ship returned alongside."

He added the bird will now be retired from racing: "I'd be too worried she would land on the next Royal Navy warship and I'd never see her again.

"The Navy have done such a good job of looking after her."

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