Video: 'Reckless' man lies on track in front of high-speed train


The moment a reckless man wearing a mask lay down on a railway track in front of a high-speed train for a stunt has been caught on camera.

The footage, filmed in Holland, begins with the man close up to the camera before he bounces across the tracks and lies down - just as a train heads towards him at full speed.

The locomotive whooshes past right over him, before the man is seen jumping up and doing a victory dance.

Meanwhile, at the beginning of July, a woman who fell asleep while standing on a subway station platform and fell onto the tracks had a lucky escape when she landed in a deep groove between the rails and managed to survive a train stopping over her.

AFP reports that the incident happened at Staromestska station in Prague and saw the young Czech woman appear to be dozing on her feet before falling off the platform.

Police spokeswoman Eva Kropacova said: "A video recording shows that the woman waiting for the underground could hardly keep her balance. She staggered and fell straight onto the tracks.

"Miraculously the woman stood up, dusted her trousers and walked off."

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