Shopping holidays: The best destination in Europe is...


Britain is the best place in Europe to visit for shopping, according to a new survey which tracks public opinion in the UK, Germany, France, Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Norway.

The findings come a day after official figures showed economic growth in Britain has doubled since the start of the year.

Asked to choose up to three European countries, YouGov's latest EuroTrack survey found that on average a third (32%) of respondents said the UK was the best place in Europe to visit for shopping, followed by Italy (20%) and France (20%).

Commenting on the EuroTrack findings, YouGov Director of Political and Social Research Joe Twyman said: "The fact that Europeans see the UK as the best place to visit for shopping could be another small bit of good economic news this week, which no doubt most Britons feel is long overdue.

It also shows that Britain has a distinguishing factor advantage as a holiday destination, whereas Italy, France and Spain dominate in most other categories."

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