What is the biggest holiday fear for Brits abroad?


Travellers' diarrhoea revealed as Brits' biggest holiday fear

When it comes to holidays, you might think that losing your passport, becoming stranded or being mugged would top the list of pre-holiday jitters, but a new survey has revealed that travellers' diarrhoea is what Brits fear the most.

The poll by airport parking comparison website Parkat found that 54 per cent of 4,000 British holidaymakers surveyed said that travellers' diarrhoea while abroad was the worst thing that could happen to them. Getting mugged was only a slight concern at 11 per cent and losing travel documents worried just 31 per cent of those questioned.

Matthew Lobas, co-founder of Parkat told AOL Travel: "Brits are commonly known for being pessimistic before a holiday and rightly so, food and beverages that contain bacterial enteropathogens can go unnoticed by locals due to immunity, but for those flying in it could put them out of action for three to five days at the very least. This can completely ruin a holiday."

If you're travelling further afield to developing countries such as Brazil, Morocco, Egypt and Thailand, careful consideration should take place. One way to completely avoid an upset tum while on holiday is to "eat canned food!" said one respondent. Another said they only eat food that is "properly cooked".

Brits' top 10 holiday fears

Delhi belly - 54 per cent
Bad accommodation - 39 per cent
Losing travel documents - 31 per cent
Bad weather - 27 per cent
Getting lost - 23 per cent
Body image - 22 per cent
Delays - 22 per cent
Missing family - 19 per cent
Being mugged - 11 per cent
Getting homesick - 9 per cent

Do you worry about 'travellers' diarrhoea' or being mugged on holiday? What's your biggest holiday fear? Leave a comment and let us know below.

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