Diver confronted by 'killer' blue sharks in Cornwall


Diver confronted by 'killer' blues sharks in Cornwall

A diver came face to face with five deadly blue sharks off the coast of Penzance, Cornwall.

Charles Hood, 52, was photographing sea life on Saturday, when a group of the sharks circled his boat.

Speaking to The Sun, he said: "Blue sharks off Britain are rare. They tend to feed off things further out. You don't want to get too close to them."

He added: "The hot weather has brought the mackerel in and the sharks have followed."

According to The Sun, the five blue sharks, normally found in the mid-Atlantic, are currently an endangered species and experts say it is unusual for them to approach humans.

In the past five years, four people have been killed by blue sharks.

But speaking to Pirate FM, Charles, from Cornwall, said he didn't feel in danger.

"Five of them turned up. They were fine, little puppy dogs of the sea as we call them. At first slightly apprehensive, but once you get to know the behaviour of the sharks, then it was obvious they were just in cruising mode as opposed to attack mode.

"You learn to understand their behaviour, it's probably a bit like dealing with a dog. You know if it's an aggressive dog or if it's going to come up and roll over, and that's a bit like sharks. They do display threatening behaviour before they attack."

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