Video: Man wrestles seven-foot shark onto beach


Video: Man wrestles seven-foot shark onto beach

The moment a man wrestled a seven-foot shark onto a beach in Massachusetts has been caught on camera. SCROLL DOWN FOR VIDEO

Elliot Sudal was fishing at Sconset Beach when he saw the catch he reeled in had been bitten in half. He said he sensed "something sharky".

According to CBS News, he said: "I had my shark gear in my car, ran out and got it, threw out half a bluefish on a hook and like 30 seconds later I had hooked up on this shark. It just pulled out like a 150 yards of line and started going."

Mr Sudal, who recently moved to Nantucket, Massachusetts, from Florida, to work at a mooring company, said he had caught 100 sharks in the last eight months, and that it's his "favourite thing to do".

He grappled with this particular animal for around 45 minutes before he handed the fishing rod to his cousin and ran into the water to wrestle it ashore.

But, don't worry, the shark was only out of the water for around a minute. Sudal told ABC News: "I always let the sharks go. It's important to release these things. I'm very conservation-minded when it comes to taking care of them."

We think we'll stick to building sandcastles.

See the video footage below:

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