Why did 250 stingrays wash up on a Mexico beach?


Why did 300 stingrays wash up on Mexico beach?

Authorities are investigating the death of at least 250 stingrays that were found on the Chachalacas beach in the town of Ursulo Galvan in Veracruz, Mexico.

According to AP, Ursulo Galvan Mayor Martin Verdejo says witnesses told authorities fishermen dumped the stingrays on the beach because they weren't able to get a good price for them.

Beachgoers suggested many of the rays' fins were cut by fishermen who sold the parts of the fish they could, and then left the carcasses on the beach.

Why did 300 stingrays wash up on Mexico beach?

According to the Huffington Post, food vendor Adriana Loredo says she was at the beach when she saw fishermen dumping the rays from their nets.

Chopped stingray wings are commonly served as snacks in Veracruz restaurants.

Authorities have warned that although the stingrays are dead, they could still pose a risk to tourists as they stings remain potent, reports the Daily Mail.

Why did 300 stingrays wash up on Mexico beach?

Back in February, 220 manta rays washed up on the beach in Gaza City.

It is not known exactly why the fish washed up dead, but local fisherman made the most of the opportunity, and carted them off to market.

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