British holiday schoolgirl missing with Turkish boyfriend found


British schoolgirl goes missing with Turkish boyfriend during family holiday

A British schoolgirl who disappeared with her Turkish boyfriend during a family holiday in the popular tourist resort of Marmaris four days ago has now been found by police.

According to the Daily Mail, police contacted Faye Jones' mother Rhonda to inform her that the pair were found around an hour away from the resort.

Faye Jones, 16, is thought to have run away with the waiter and convicted burglar, Murat Can Ertani, 22, known as 'Can', after he allegedly tried to strangle her.

According to the Daily Mirror, fellow holidaymaker Georgina White, 15, who had befriended Faye on the holiday, said the pair had met during a trip last year, and had kept in touch over Facebook and Skype.

Georgina told police that Can had been threatening Faye before they ran away. She also said she had witnessed his violent behaviour in the lead up to her disappearance.

She reportedly saw him choke Faye in a bar after becoming jealous of other men. Georgina told the Daily Mirror: "Faye came out of the toilet and I could see he had her, strangling her – just because we were with some other lads.

"I pulled her aside and he told me to 'f*** off' and pulled her back."

"He came over again a bit later and said her dancing made her look like a slag. I pulled Faye away and he grabbed her again and slapped me around the face. I just froze. No one has ever hit me before."

Can allegedly started sending Faye threatening messages on Facebook. Georgina added that Faye was scared he would go after her, or her nan, Jackie, who now lives in the resort.

Faye reportedly told Georgina: "I need to keep him sweet or he might come to the hotel and kill me."

Following the incident in the nightclub, Rhonda booked a flight home for her and Faye but before leaving for the airport, Faye took her suitcase and fled.

According to the Daily Mail, Rhonda said: "This is my worst nightmare. She's my only child and I'm a single parent. I never imagined she would run away."

Around 30 detectives are thought to have been involved in the search for Faye, who is under the Turkish age of consent, which is 18.

Another British teen, Alanah Longshaw, has now come forward to tell how Can 'groomed her on Facebook' and lured her to Turkey when she was 15, reports the Daily Mirror.

She claims he physically and mentally abused her after she moved to country to live with him when she was 16.

Alanah stayed for seven months, before returning home to find she was pregnant with Can's son, Aydin, who is now 18 months old.

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