'Drug dealer' who handed out £20 notes to passengers on plane loses money


'Drug dealer' who handed out £20 notes to passengers on plane loses money

A man who started handing out £20 notes to fellow passengers while drunk on a plane has now had the rest of his money seized - as police believe he could be a drug dealer.

Leon Quarless, 46, from Formby, Merseyside, was arrested when he landed in Blackpool after a Jet2 flight from Palma, Majorca, last year.

The pilot had radioed ahead to report how he had been drinking during the flight, and began wandering up the aisle handing out money.

The Daily Mail reports that he was fined £320 in June last year for being drunk on an aircraft.

But a court has now also ruled that police can keep the rest of the money - a total of £4,972 - that was found on him at the time, as they believe it was gained illegally.

According to the Daily Mail, police financial investigator Alan Todd told the court the Inland Revenue had never heard of him and had no records on him.

Mr Todd added: "He has however boarded 50 flights in two years out of the UK mostly to Spain and Holland.

"£70,000 in cash has gone through his various bank accounts during that time.

"Merseyside Police have intelligence that he may be involved in drugs and we believe this money has come about because of drug dealing."

The money has now been given to charity.

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