Dead minke whale washes up on Scarborough beach


Dead minke whale washes up on Scarborough Beach

Holidaymakers and beachcombers on a popular beach in Scarborough, Yorkshire were shocked to discover a dead minke whale washed up on the shore this week.

According to Rex Features, the 28ft Whale is thought to have got caught up in some lobster pot ropes.

Dead minke whale washes up on Scarborough Beach

A spokesperson from Scarborough Council told The Scarborough News: "Our officers will be putting up a cordon around the whale this afternoon and arrangements are currently being made in conjunction with the RSPCA to remove the whale from the shoreline tomorrow."

Speaking to Yorkshire Coast Radio, Lindsey Crawford from SEA LIFE Scarborough said: "With an animal that large, you can't just take it off the beach ... The main reason we wanted to go down was to see if there were any obvious wounds of why it's died.

"Body condition was quite healthy, it's quite a nice looking animal, the only thing was a few lacerations around the tail area, possibly made by ropes or netting."

Dead minke whale washes up on Scarborough Beach

"People would be very surprised at what is actually on their doorsteps. We have some beautiful animals in our sea and Minke Whales are one of them."

Minke whales are found in the North Sea and are solitude animals or seen in groups of two or three. They are said to be difficult to approach but some individuals are inquisitive and may investigate boats.

Last September, a minke whale found on a beach in Northumberland had to be put down. Watch the video report below:

Minke Whale Dies After Becoming Stranded on British Beach

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