One in six Brits lie to get free holiday upgrades


One in six Brits lie to get free holiday upgrades

A new holiday poll has found that one in six British travellers admit to lying in an attempt to get an upgrade on a flight or at a hotel.

The survey of over 8,000 Brits by holiday reviews website TripAdvisor revealed that a surprising number of travellers are resorting to dishonesty in order to bag a free upgrade.

And the tactic of bending the truth for freebies doesn't end there. A poll of over 12,000 people found that one in eight has phoned work pretending to be sick to extend their holiday.

"We all know household budgets are tight at the moment, but even then it is surprising that so many Brits are so open about the tricks they use to try and gain an upgrade in service," said James Kay at TripAdvisor.

An Association of British Travel Agents (ABTA) spokesman added: "Treats and upgrades can be a real perk of travel but there's a danger that we'll stop seeing them if this goodwill is abused. With lots of good deals on offer at the moment, holiday companies are really looking after consumers and so it's a shame to see so many are prepared to lie."

Go on, admit it. Have you ever told a lie to get a free holiday upgrade? And were you successful? Leave a comment and let us know below.

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