Video: low-flying mystery plane terrorises motorists

Low Flying Mystery Plane Terrorizes Motorists

Motorists in New York State of told of their fears that a low-flying aircraft was about to crash land onto a busy road.

Pix11 reports that the mid-size, twin engine jet had its landing gear visible as it was sighted just 200 feet above ground.

Residents and motorists started calling 911, worried that it was going to crash onto the New York Thruway or in the nearby residential neighborhood.

According to police reports, the jet was last spotted in Rockland county, before it vanished somewhere near the garden state parkway.

Ramapo Police Commissioner Christopher St. Lawrence said: "It was a potential disaster. Certainly our officers thought that the plane was going to crash.

"We got a lot of phone calls from residents. We want to know what happened."

Another witness said: "It was very scary".

Click on the image below for video footage..

Incredible views from plane windows

Incredible views from plane windows

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