And the award for the most annoying air passenger goes to...


And the award for the most annoying air passenger goes to...

Ever been irritated by a fellow air passenger? Of course you have. And we reckon the A new survey has determined the top ten most annoying air passengers - and surprise, surprise, kids (or rather their useless parents) take the number one spot.

The study, by ratings website, ranks those who let their children behave badly on flights, along with those who recline their seats for the whole journey, as the passengers they most dread sitting next to.

Geoffrey Thomas, editor and founder of, said: "It was a toss up between parents who think their 200 fellow passengers are babysitters and the thoughtless passenger who reclines into your space from takeoff to landing."

He said that these two types of passengers have been branded 'Parentus Slapdashii' and 'Reclinus Maximus'.

He added: "Of course we all feel for the mother with the crying baby, and we can always put a headset on to reduce the impact, but it's the children running amok and kicking your seat that angers fellow passengers. However, Reclinus just wins according to our editor survey."

Other irritating passenger types include 'Smellus Incredibilus', 'Armrest Grabbis' and 'Chatticus Majorus'.

Mr Thomas says: "There is no doubt that personal hygiene on planes is in decline and typically 'Smellus' will also leave the toilets in a mess."

He explains that 'Armrest Grabbis' - they passenger who hogs the armrests - is becoming more of a problem as passengers get larger. And 'Chatticus Majorus' makes the top five, because he wants to talk to you for the entire flight.

What sort of passenger do you most dread sitting next to on a flight? Tell us below!

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