British man murdered Czech backpacker in Costa Rica rainforest


British man murdered Czech backpacker in Costa Rica rainforest

The Briton could be jailed for 25 years after he admitted stabbing a backpacker to death in a rainforest in Costa Rica.

Alfred Saunders, 21, from London, stabbed Czech Alexandra Drbohlavova, 22, in her face, neck and chest at an eco-farm, The Sun reports.

Alexandra suffered 15 knife wounds in the horrific attack in her tent.

According to the Daily Mail, the philosophy graduate had been volunteering at the farm near the Nicaraguan border for just two weeks.

Following the attack, the family of the farm owner tied Saunders up and took him to the police.

Costa Rica's judicial police force told the Daily Mail that after the murder, officials became aware that Interpol was on the killer's trail.

The warning related to "sex crimes, assault resulting in death, torture or acts of barbarism and the possession of firearms, ammunition or explosives," Marisel Rodriguez, Head of Press for Costa Rica's OIJ police force, said.

Saunders pleaded guilty to murder in a private hearing in Upala after 18 months on remand but did not say why he attacked Drbohlavova.

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