United Airlines flight from London to San Francisco 'runs out of toilet paper'


United Airlines flight from London to San Francisco 'runs out of toilet paper'

When you're spending a fortune on a long-haul flight, you'd think it would be safe to presume that toilet paper would be included in the price.

But some unlucky passengers on a recent United Airlines flight from London to San Francisco reportedly had to use cocktail napkins instead of loo paper when nature called - as the airline allegedly forgot to re-stock its supply, reports gadling.com.

A user on Flyertalk.com called SFO Runner posted a pic of the makeshift loo roll in the bathroom on 16 June, with the title: "Testing new toilet paper on yesterday's UA 931." The caption next to the image read: "Apparently, they ran out in one lav half way home and couldn't bother to transfer a roll from another.

"Maybe this was part of the "split cashews" price savings."

A United Airlines spokesman told the Daily Mail: "The aircraft ran low on toilet tissue and our crew improvised and provided customers with paper napkins.

"We apologise to our customers on this flight for the inconvenience and would like the opportunity to welcome them back."

One user responded: "Not even in my worst flights in the third world have I seen something so stupid...". Another wrote: "On an Int'l flight...inexcusable!!...Just shaking my head."

Another user asked the question: "Is it strange that I bring my own on board?", to which somebody replied: "Not crazy at all, when you apparently can't count on TP [toilet paper] to be provided with the cost of your ticket."

Back in March 2012, 262 United Airlines passengers were left stranded in Alaska for two days after the plane toilets broke down three hours into a San Francisco to Shanghai flight.

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