Video of the day: 'House of the Sun' - a Maui sunrise


Where's the best sunrise you've ever seen? Was is the pink-hued clouds rolling out over Cambodia's Angkor Wat or the burning red of the sun climbing over the Serengeti in Africa, or maybe it's the pale gold of the New Zealand sun as it edges over the ocean lid in Abel Tasman.

Watch the above video from Los Angeles-based photographer Dan Douglas and you might change your mind.

Douglas set out to capture what many call the most beautiful sunrise in the world from Haleakala Volcano in Hawaii. He used four different cameras, took over 5,000 and painstakingly stitched them together to create this video.

Watch as the blue-tinged clouds roll away to reveal the first beacons of orange light before the sun comes up, blinding and blazing through Maui's cobalt-blue sky.

Has Maui in Hawaii now made it to the top of your travel list? Tell us where want to see the sunrise from below.

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