Giant oarfish caught on camera for first time


Scientists have released what is believed to be the first-ever footage of the elusive deep-sea-dwelling oarfish.

The footage of the creature is thought to have been recorded via a remotely operated vehicle in the Gulf of Mexico, thanks to a partnership between marine biologists at Louisiana State University and an offshore drilling company, reports the Daily Mail.

The clip was released this week, and was operated by Mako Technologies, who were conducting sea floor and water column surveys when the oarfish came into view, reports Pete Thomas Outdoors.

The serpent-like creatures can grow to over 50ft, but little is known about them thanks to their extremely deep habitat, reaching between 656ft and 3,280ft below sea level.

The only studies of the fish that have been possible have been of creatures that have washed ashore dead or dying.

Back in October, a 20ft oarfish surprised tourists when it washed up on a beach in the holiday resort of Cabo San Lucas.

Oarfish are found in all temperate to tropical oceans Pete Thomas Outdoors reports that a 56ft oarfish washed up on a beach in Scotland all the way back in 1808.

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