Star Wars' Chewbacca actor has lightsaber walking stick seized at airport


Star Wars' Chewbacca has lightsaber walking stick seized at airport

British actor Peter Mayhew, who played Chewbacca in Star Wars, ran into a spot of bother at Denver Airport, when security staff seized his lightsaber-style walking stick as a potential security risk.

The 7ft 2" actor, who needs the cane to help him walk, was heading home from a sci-fi convention when Transport Security Administration (TSA) staff stopped him to examine the extra-long stick.

He posted a picture of staff scrutinising the cane, and tweeted: "Giant man need giant cane... small cane snap like light saber is just cool...I would miss it."

Fortunately, the cane was eventually released and he tweeted: "Magic words to TSA are not "please" or "thank you"... It's "Twitter"... cane released to go home."

Fans were quick to show their support, with @DearAstronomer tweeting: "@TSA just learned Star Wars lesson #1: Let the Wookie Win."

Another follower, @Fractal_Pattern, added: "It's not wise to upset a Wookie."

Click on the image below for some examples of airport security gone mad...

Airport security gone mad?

Airport security gone mad?

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