Revealed! British holidaymakers' biggest beach bugbears


Revealed! British holidaymakers' biggest beach bugbears

If you thought nudists might be the biggest peeve for us Brits at the beach, you'd be wrong.

It seems our stiff upper lip is loosening, as a recent survey reveals that just 1 per cent voted bare bums a problem.

Our prudish stereotype might not be right, but what is our biggest pet hate while we're lazing by the sea?

In a survey of 16,500 British holidaymakers, beach sellers have been named the biggest annoyance whilst relaxing on the beach, according to online travel agent On the Beach.

A whopping 21% voting this as their greatest beach bugbear.

The survey, which ranked common annoyances that can often spoil a day at the beach, also revealed a nation angered by those neglecting the environment and health. Littering was ranked as the 2nd biggest annoyance, followed by fellow holidaymakers smoking on the beach with 18% and 16% of the vote respectively.

Brits were hardest on themselves, with one in four finding holidaymakers from the UK most annoying in-resort, perhaps due to the younger generation letting their hair down a bit too much on holiday.

When in the past Brits may have judged other nations on preconceived opinions, results show this way of thinking is fast becoming outdated.

Just one in 10 Brits named the Germans as the most annoying nation abroad and a minuscule two per cent named the French.

Alistair Daly, Chief Marketing Officer at On the Beach told Aol Travel: "We all look forward to our long-awaited holiday in the sun, so any distractions when we're trying to relax can be very annoying.

"We are renowned as a nation of prudes, especially compared to some of our more liberal European neighbours, however our results show that Brits are no longer offended by nudity, so it would seem this stereotype is somewhat obsolete.

"The results also suggest dated opinions of other nations are also dying out, as travel savvy Brits become increasingly relaxed towards holidaymakers from other countries."

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